Leading Solutions

The Best Solutions

Ever notice a trend of turnover and frequent change in the commercial janitorial industry or wonder why similar problems seem to be repeated regardless of which janitorial company you hire? We’ve noticed that most janitorial companies follow the same basic model – satisfy short term needs with as few resources as possible. Typically, there’s an initial uptick in quality that soon turns into a new set of problems or even the same old ones. Ultimately this status quo approach tends to neglect key items that produce an ongoing quality and a long term relationship with the client.

Every client has unique needs that require lasting solutions. Below are just a few examples of what we do to ensure that every building we serve receives the best service over the long term.

Problem: Transitional concerns at start up including coverage, accuracy as well as potential tenant complaints in making the initial transfer to Best Facility Services.

Best Solution: Overstaff in the beginning of the agreement at no extra cost to the customer in order to ensure quality coverage. Also, make an immediate and noticeable improvement in any common area problem points.

Problem: Deteriorating quality of services over time

Best Solution: Our proprietary incentive based compensation system provides ongoing rewards to those we place in charge of our customers’ buildings. As long as the business is maintained, those rewards continue on a monthly basis.

Problem: Not enough labor resources in the building to support the dynamics of a quality program over the long term.

Best Solution: Budget the proper amount of hours per square feet based on building density, population and customer preferences and pay crew members well to promote an ongoing interest in maintaining a high level of quality.

Problem: Competitive pricing in a challenging economy

Best Solution: Price as competitive as possible and accept a margin that will accommodate the long term relationship.

Sustainable Solutions

Is “green” part of your culture?  We support green initiatives as well as the Property Managers that carry them out.  In recognizing the growing importance of this area, we have positioned ourselves to become a leader in green cleaning as well as in supporting programs that maximize operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Ultimately, we can help by providing and supporting green objectives that make both environmental sense as well as business sense.