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Subcontracting Objections

Subcontracting Objections

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There are many Property Managers that have some understandable objections based on experience in contracting with janitorial companies that utilize subcontractors so I’d like to summarize our methodology in dealing with these concerns.

If you have experienced problems with janitorial companies that subcontract for their crew labor, you’re not the only one. Many of these janitorial companies do not provide an adequate liaison for you to contact when you have instructions, concerns or quality related issues. Furthermore, there is the inconvenience and usually a language barrier to overcome when you attempt to communicate directly with crew members or even a crew leader.

Our proven anecdote to this problem is to assign a competent Area Manager that serves as your constant contact and has a vested interest in maintaining your building. Their function is to be your personal contact, remedy potential issues themselves and ensure that the cleaning crew is accountable for any changes or quality issues. Any of your concerns are addressed promptly, and in most cases proactively through your area manager who is a constant part of your program and available to you any time.

Our Area Managers are effective for three primary reasons.

1. We only hire the best of the best in terms of their personal character, proven ability to manage facilities and experience in the industry.

2. Our Area Managers have a vested interest in maintaining your account because we provide attractive compensation incentives for them to do so. As long as we keep your account they receive monthly compensation for maintaining it.

3. They provide a trained, objective pair of eyes when making regular inspections of the facility which has proven effective in proactively ensuring consistent quality.

It’s always best if we can discuss your concerns face to face. We could then better explain why our retention rate of business is so high and how we’ve been able to maintain long term relationships with our clients even though we utilize subcontractors to supply crew member labor.

Practical Green Ideas

Practical Green Ideas

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Two common objections that are related to implementing a green initiative are the perceived cost barriers as well as the difficulty of clearing time to begin and maintain an ongoing sustainability program. Both are fair and understandable difficulties considering that all buildings have to operate on a budget and that Property Managers are typically consumed by responding to tenant needs, cyclical reporting and a host of other time-sensitive tasks on a daily basis.
Still, it’s evident that the momentum of the green movement continues to reach further in size and scope as well as in breadth of interest. It’s no secret that many green systems and programs have proven to promote environmental responsibility and boost overall building performance while developing a unique tenant culture. But how does one get started when operating on a slim budget of time and money? Take a look at some of these practical ideas that can get you working towards attaining higher levels of sustainability and performance that won’t kill the clock or break the bank.

1. Close interior doors and turn off air vents in unused office spaces. This should be a practical way to move towards more energy efficiency.
2. Promote the idea of turning off desk lights as well as computers and monitors before leaving the office and during lunch. You can also let the night cleaning crew know that they should shut off all office and cubicle lights prior to leaving.
3. Try to fully utilize the natural daylight that shines through building common areas and offices by opening blinds etc… as much as possible. There’s no need to pay for light that the sun supplies for free!
4. Suggest that tenants bring their own coffee mug to work to avoid discarding Styrofoam cups.
5. Send information electronically instead of printing out paper hard copies whenever possible.
6. Create a stack of scrap paper that, once used, can be printed on the opposite side when printing information for internal files etc… Use this same scrap paper for writing notes.
7. Encourage tenant car pools as well as presenting public transportation options. Some people may simply not know what public transportation is available to them that could significantly reduce their gas costs.
8. Have your janitorial company practice green cleaning by using only acceptable chemicals and paper products in your building. These days, most basic green cleaning programs don’t cost any more than those that use traditional chemicals and supplies.
9. Knowledge is power. Keep up with articles and suggestions in this newsletter as well as the many free internet resources that can help you on your way. While you’re at it, join the Green Committee! It’s remarkable what ideas can be shared by your peers as well as allied suppliers.
10. Share your information with others and keep the communication lines open with tenants in regards to your green achievements and goals. You could be surprised at the support and uniformity this creates.

Keep in mind that an effective green program should make environmental sense as well as business sense so good luck in creating and meeting your green goals for this year. Please share any other ideas and we’ll be happy to pass them along!