About Us



Best Facility Services in headquartered in Hurst, Texas, began doing business in 2004 and was co-founded by Steve Nobles and Mark Borge. We have over 35 years of combined industry experience within our company, which has been instrumental in positioning us as a resource that consistently provides a high level of personal service to a broad range of facilities.  We are now cleaning several million square feet per night of commercial, corporate and institutional building space in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

Our Philosophy

Since we began operations we have enjoyed a consistent growth rate based on the application of two key principles. The first is to have an excellent relationship with our clients and the second is that their buildings maintain a high level of quality service over the long term. Those principles, combined with our unique business model backed by our own proprietary systems, have consistently produced long-term relationships with our clients. While we make every effort to offer a competitively priced package, we also understand that for any program to work it must contain the required resources to provide quality coverage for each building’s unique needs. Our objective is to develop and maintain long-term relationships and our hope is that we can be in a position to make a lasting, positive difference in your facility.